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One of the rare fragrance companies that consults with: The general public; fragrance buyers; retailers, fragrance houses, perfumers and the media.

Marian Bendeth is also an award-winning fragrance writer


. Specializing in personalized fragrance consultations based on: psychology, lifestyle, fashion and body chemistry.

*  Fragrance profiling (psychological profiling for companies and perfumers) *     Endorsements provided for major fragrance retail outlets - department store, perfumeries and pharmacies consulting with scents exclusive to the retailer providing personalized fragrance consultations with the general public.

*   Provides endorsements for specific houses and vendors on the history of a house or brand in department stores or with the media.

*   Evaluations on in-progress and finished fragrances with clients and perfumers.

*   Assisting with briefs with marketing divisions, Fragrance & Flavor Houses and         vendours.

*   Training and Teaching - Store employees, Promotional assistants, Sales                Meetings, Marketing people and University and College students

*   Lectures on the history of scent at Universities and Colleges. Bookings also include Guest Speaker for: Groups, corporate organizations, Fashion conferences,  fragrance sales, marketing, perfumery events and fragrance companies and retailers.

"   Promoting new fragrances to the media and to the general publi on behalf of fragrance companies.

Featured in major fragrance retail environments

Endorsements for specific perfumes; companies

Fragrance Training

Fragrance Profiling

Fragrance Evaluations

Guest Lecturer

Special Events consultant


being interviewed by the Global media and documentaries

Contributor to the CCFTA fragrance training programme

Fragrance Consumers;


Fragrance Buyers


Fragrance and Flavor Industries/Pefumers

Fragrance Salespeople - Full time and Promotional Assistants with Training

Media (being interviewed) and writing

Writing Fragrance courses for Accredation

Fragrance Profiling

Special Endorsements

Guest Lecturer

Marketing and Creative Directors

Universities and Colleges


Fragrance Judge



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