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A pivotal fragrance consulting company that consults with many partners including: The general public; fragrance vendors; the fragrance industry i.e. evaluations and assistance with briefs; directing fragrance marketers with tweaking formulations and direction of consumer trending; fragrance psychological profiling, training, guest speaker, endorsements; fragrance lecturer, media contact and writer.

Sixth Scents, established in 1989 is the first company of its kind to provide personalized fragrance consultations based on: body chemistry, psychology, fashion sense, lifestyle and environment.

At present, Sixth Scents consults with over 5,000 prestige, luxe, and niche brands for women and men from all walks of life. Services are also available to fragrance retailers and available fragrance inventory within the premises.

Sixth Scents does not: represent, work with, endorse, nor consult with grey market fragrances. All partnerships are established through legitimate and accredited companies and individuals.

A myriad of services provided:

Fragrance profiling (psychological profiling for in-progress or finished fragrances for companies and perfumers). Explore how the fragrance consumer perceives themselves, understand their tastes, style within given environments. This criteria is based on factors through consultations with over two million customers and twenty-five nationalities that span thirty years.

Endorsements are available through many avenues such as: consultations, lectures, speeches provided for: individual fragrances; fragrance vendors and distributors; scent industry; major fragrance retail outlets, department store perfumeries and pharmacies consulting with scents exclusive to the retailer.

Endorsements can also be available for specific houses and vendors on the history of a house or brand in department stores, internally or with the media.

Evaluations on in-progress and finished fragrances with clients

and perfumers.

Assisting with briefs with marketing divisions, fragrance& flavor houses and vendors.

Training and teaching - store employees, promotional assistants, sales meetings, marketing people and university and college students.

Bookings also include guest speaker for: groups, corporate organizations, fashion and beauty conferences, and fragrance companies and retailers.

Promoting new fragrances to the media and to the general public on behalf of vendors, distributors and fragrance houses.

Fees vary upon each service.

Fragrance Journalism:

Ms. Bendeth has written for:, The,, Canadian Living Magazine, Sposa Magazine, Flare Magazine, Canadian Living Magazine, The National Post, Movie Entertainment Magazine, Holt Renfrew Buying Guide, Movie Entertainment Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, The Bay, Holt Renfrew and Eaton's Beauty guides and The Whale and The Rose.

She is regularly interviewed by the Canadian and international media including radio, television; newspapers, beauty publications; medical journals; lifestyle and decor magazines; television documentaries (The Discovery Network); online fragrance websites, blogs and has contributed to two books on fragrance.

Quoted in Charles S. Sell Chemistry and the Sense of Smel book Pg. 228

So, What’s all the Sniff About , author, Tracy Pepe

A Collector's Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles: Minis, Mates and More (Paperback)

Marian Bendeth contributed to the revision of the fragrance program with the Canadian Cosmetics Careers Correspondence course for men and women.

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