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Marian Bendeth, Pioneer, Global Fragrance Expert and owner of Sixth Scents 

Toronto, Canada.  Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Canadian Fragrance Awards.


Sixth Scents

The Art of Fragrance


Marian Bendeth had her first taste of fragrance at the age of three when she received a bottle of Muelhens 4711 from her Grandmother in London, England. By the age of four, her first purchase was a miniature of L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci and the beginning of a life-long love affair with scent.


A born evaluator and keeper of the fragrant flame, she has, over her lifetime, developed a keen and discerning nose for blends and started a personal collection of rare fragrances in her youth.


Her evocation became her vocation in 1989 when she opened her consulting company, ‘Sixth Scents’. Bendeth pioneered a new concept never before replicated in the global fragrance industry.  To date, she is the only consultant in the world to specialize in this field and is considered a unique fragrance expert of note.


Sixth Scents specializes in personalized fragrance wardrobing based on: body chemistry, psychology, lifestyle, fashion and environment  She is the liaison between the skin and the customer’s nose, a broker of scent, she guides the customer to a perfect marriage of scents and personality appropriating scents based on one’s lifestyle.  She coined the phrase "Corporate scents" in the 1980's and the term is now commonly referred to in many fragrance environments.


Sixth Scents presently consults with over 5000 plus prestige (commercially available fine fragrances (and niche) scents for women and men. Sixth Scents does not sell fragrance but rather consults exclusively with the general public, fragrance industry and media. Please note, that all fragrance partnerships  do not involve grey market or diverted goods, a policy that has served and survived since 1989.


Sixth Scents also claims to be uniquely pivotal in consulting with:  the consumer, the media, retailers and fragrance advisors, fragrance and flavour industries, perfumers, fragrance buyers, sales assistants, promotional assistants, marketing professionals and trainers.  


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