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Upon winning the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Fragrance Awards:

Of all the creative people I know, there is no one more passionate and erudite about perfume, its pleasures and possibilities than Marian Bendeth. I salute the Canadian Fragrance Awards for recognizing her extraordinary talents and dedication. To say she is worthy of receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award would be an understatement. Marian is the epitome of the very excellence - in every respect of her career and life - that the Award has been created to recognize. Brava! Brava!

Annette Green

President Emeritus

The Fragrance Foundation

Master Perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel:

“I read somewhere that one of the biggest sommelier in the world manages a cave of about 200,000 bottles in a hotel somewhere in Monaco. He cherishes them and he marries them to selected dishes and atmospheres. I was in awe…. till I met you Marian. All these bottles are about one type of ingredient: grape extracts. No brainer, pffft (you know, the French pffft). You, Marian, have engraved in your mind about 5,000 perfumes. Given that each fragrance has about an average of 40 different types of ingredients, you have your 200,000 levels of complexity right there. You make those scents dance in the room, some you even terrify, and rightly so, for they don’t deserve to dance. Some you resuscitate out of their forgotten tomb like Lazarrus’. And, naturally, you can marry them to people you have met for about 5 minutes. Marian, you are a true Fragrance Sommeliere.

Wait, as usual, I’m late: you have now done your 10 years of apprenticeship, plus your 30,000+ hours of metier, you are actually a true Fragrance Master Sommeliere. Frankly, I don’t know any others.

Now that you have reached the peak of your career, please train, train and train students, or maybe create a Fragrance Sommelier competition, or when can i see the daily Marian-Jimmy Kimmdeth show in the back of a New York City cab? That would be so much fun to listen to and watch everyday. Your wit and your knowledge are irreplaceable. We are in desperate need of more of you… and a bit more of Niagara iced wine, bien sur. Carlos Benaim told me when he received his life Achievement Awards, it sounds like the beginning of the end. No, no and no. I hope to have given you enough to do for the next 30 years. No time to rest yet. We love you.” Your New Yorker guinea pigs for your Canadian Fragrance Editorial Award 2007:

Christophe and Christoph and the whole profession.

Global Fragrance Expert/Author Michael Edwards

If I could nominate a Canadian treasure, it would be Marian. Her passion for perfume is inexhaustible. Her psychological profiling is so perceptive. Marian has contributed so much to perfumery that I'm more than delighted that you have awarded her with the Lifetime Achievement Award. She deserves it in spades!

Marian Bendeth is one of the brightest stars in the fragrance firmament. This extraordinary Canadian woman has been steadfast in her dedication to the world of perfumery. Her unique insights, knowledge and passion for perfume provide that rare combination of talents which inspire men and women to make fragrance an important part of their lives, the fragrance associates behind-the-counter to communicate in an uncommon and informative way; members of the media to wrap the facts in an environment of excitement, glamour.and authenticity. I only wish we could clone her"

Annette Green

President Emeritus

The Fragrance Foundation

"Marian's work and knowledge fascinates me. Her profiling concept is a most original promotional tool. Put her expertise and insight to work in store, and watch the fragrance sales lift. She's magical with customers!"

Michael Edwards, Fragrance Author/Expert

“Marian is one of the best fragrance experts I know. She has an intuitive and almost extrasensorial perception of perfumes which allows her to learn a lot about a person particularly concerned by a scent. I really appreciate her kind collaboration in providing me precious informations and promotional help.”

Michel Roudnitska, General Manager, ART ET PARFUM SAS

"Marian has shown over the years her thirst to learn and desiccate the facts about the art of perfumery, facts which are not always readily available in an industry working as much on myths as on realities, and has been dedicating all her energies and talent as a writer and a speaker to educate the public about the wonderful world of fragrances, fragrance making and perfumers. This was recognized five times by her peers when she won five Canadian Fragrance Awards for media coverage including an intervew with Les Christoph's. Marian has also developed a unique and personal way to advise individuals about wearing fragrances through her extensive knowledge of fragrance qualities, histories and, very importantly, her own assessment of fragrances on the skin. She sees fragrances beyond the mere juxtaposition of ingredients, and detects and feels the aura or the mood a fragrance is supposed to convey."

Christophe Laudamiel

Senior Perfumer

Owner of Les Christoph's & Aeosphere“

"There is nothing Marian does not know about fragrances! She is a wealth of knowledge and can adapt it to any situation be it internal training, customer events or simply to bounce an idea off of. Her vast knowledge, flexibility and positive outlook make her an expert in the "world of fragrances". Always a pleasure to work with.”

Jackie Charest

Director Marketing, Cosmetics & Beauty Services

Holt Renfrew

"Marian Bendeth was contracted for her expertise as a Fragrance Expert to help support the launch of a new product line. Marian was wonderful to work with, she brought great insights, compelling information and added value to the campaign. In addition, to providing an engaging and informative presentation about fragrance, which created a direct link to the product she was supporting. Marian was accessible, easy to work with and has a great understanding of the needs of media, clients and stakeholders. Marian was an excellent spokesperson and I would highly recommend her for speaking engagements or any program development related to her fragrance expertise."

Rebecca Fair Account Manager - Harbinger Communications

“Marian Bendeth is in a class of her own. With dedication, passion and savvy, she offers an expertise in her field that sets her apart. With generosity and insatiable curiosity she shares her research and knowledge through articles exposes, T.V. appearances, with ease, wit and connectivity with her audiences and her readers alike. She is an enlightened and an enthusiastic communicator in a field that she adores, the world of perfumery. Marian Bendeth travels in a world where poetry, science and psychology merge. Intuitive, she dives in the world of the creators and emerges from the gut of the creation itself with a bouquet of words describing it- the scent. She has magically translated the essence of that scent in ways we grasp! Inquisitive, her sixth sense leads her to study the makings of individuals and guide them to embrace the mystery of a perfume they adopt and transform. A master in con-cording the alchemy of the tangible and the psyche of the intangible."

Arline Malakian, Fashion photographer, author, Owner, Artist,

“Marian is a wealth of information. She is a dynamic speaker and knows how to keep an audience dazzled. She always exceeds expectation.”

Audrey Hyams-Romoff

Owner of OverCat Communications & Public Relations

"Marian Bendeth, a Toronto-based global fragrance expert and owner of Sixth Scents, a consulting company, has a dead-on ability to pinpoint personality traits based on perfume choices. “After conducting thousands of consultations with women from all over the world, from different walks of life and backgrounds,” she says. I’ve found that women with certain personality types gravitate to the same scent families.” She pegged me perfectly."

Nancy L. Claus

Features Editor

Westchester Magazine

“GW’s new fashionista diva, is one queenious Marian Bendeth. During my meeting with this especially gifted woman, the nose queen declared that GW should only wear Pontaccio 21. She hit it right on the nose – GW took the nose’s advice, and everyone’s been loving my new signature scent.”

George Wayne, Celebrity Columnist Vanity Fair and Gotham Magazine

"She gets the gist like a perfume poet whose visions are like snapshots of the decisive moment in photography, an instant memory or dream captured by one brief moment in time immortalized by scent. That moment when we take in a perfume can't ever be redone again--it's zen, perfect in that moment, and her words have a sense of immediacy and breath life."

Sali Oguri, Singer, Radio & TV Host, Perfumer

"I have known Marian for over seven years - during which time we have exchanged many emails and telephone conversations. Not only is she one of the friendliest, funniest and warm people you are ever likely to meet, her knowledge of fragrance is remarkable. But Marian doesn't just know the fragrances, she knows the people that wear the fragrances -- if Marian tells you that you're going to like FragranceX by HouseY - you can quite happily order it untested and know she'll be right.

As a writer, Marian's professionalism and knowledge is clear. When Marian writes an article she doesn't tell you, she takes you. Together, we have won five Media Editoral Awards which is something I am proud of. I am honoured to have Marian as a contributor on"

Grant Osborne


"Marian is a true pro, in the fullest sense of the word. Knowledgeable, informative and a real professional. She's also a lot of fun! Marian can accurately assess, or 'profile,' a person's ideal scent and create a scent wardrobe from there. Most importantly, she can communicate her passion for what she does to anyone and everyone willing to go on the 'scent' journey with her."

Drew Carnwath


"Marian Bendeth, the founder of Sixth Scents, is a fragrance expert and consultant based in Toronto, Canada. Before I met Marian, I had read plenty of articles in which she is described as a magician of scent, as someone who is able to nail a person’s personality based on their favourite fragrances. When Marian and I spoke on the phone for the first time and she described me down to my idiosyncrasies based on a selection of my beloved perfumes, I was speechless. Marian’s extensive experience fuels her research on the relationship between fragrance preferences and personality, the emotional effects of perfume and the influence of body chemistry, thus allowing her to offer fascinating insights on all aspects of fragrance. She has also worked with some of the most renowned perfumers and perfume industry professionals on countless perfume projects and has written for a variety of Canadian and online publications."

Victoria Frolova .

"It turns out the stuff we dab behind our ears, on our wrists and in our cleavage is our "walking biography," fragrance expert Marian Bendeth says. "It sets the tone for the way people perceive you." Bendeth knows of what she smells. Hired by leading cosmetics companies to do fragrance profiling (like racial profiling, only nice), she's no quack.

Though we've never met, it doesn't take her long to assume, by telephone from Toronto, the role of perfume psychic. She pinpoints my personality, correctly guessing my favourite colours (violet, orange), home decor (messy, book-littered) and annoyances (conservatism, braggarts). She bases this information on smells I like (musk) and dislike (florals). We'll give the last word to Bendeth:When you do finally choose a perfume, make sure it's something new. Don't be a dud by dabbing on the same tired scent. It bores the nose. "A fragrance should be like a lover," she says. "It should drive you insane."

Iris Benaroia, National Post (CanWest Communications) and columnist

“Marian Bendeth was shocked, shocked, to hear that I wear only one scent.”

Eva Friede

Associate Fashion Editor

The Montreal Gazette

Editor’s pick:

“The first question that Marian Bendeth asks when making a new acquaintance is about fragrance. By discovering a person’s favourite scents, she’s able to pretty much nail their personality - right down to their quirks. And that’s exactly what happened when I met this fragrance specialist more than 10 years ago. At first, I thought this was just a perceptive party trick. Marian opened my mind to the complexities of the fragrance world. While I still love my same three scents, I’ve continued to add new ones, often on Marian’s advice.”

Lisa Tant - Formerly Editor Flare Magazine currently Publisher of Hello Magazine Canada

“What I can’t imagine doing is guessing anyone’s scent over the telephone, which is exactly what happened about a year ago when I spoke with Bendeth. She said she could guess what I wear. And she did."

Rhonda Rovan

Beauty Editor

Canadian living magazine

"My fragrance friend and oft-consulted expert Marian Bendeth, owner of Sixth Scents is freaky good at matching folks up with options that speak for their personality as well as fit their body chemistry. In our very first phone convo about — oh good God — nine years ago, without my having mentioned any preference, Marian said to me, “I bet you wear L’Eau d’Issey.”  And she was right. We hadn’t even met."

Janine Falcon, Beauty Editor,

“Marian Bendeth is an excellent speaker - Marian's lecture style is fascinating and she delivers a colourful presentation. As a writer she is one of the few in the scent industry who can use proper scent vocabulary to describe an aromatic experience as if you are there in the experience with her.”

Tracy Pepe

President, Nose Knows Consulting

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